Name of Board/Commission: Youth Advisory Council (Winston-Salem)

Date: 05/03/2019

Authority for Creation: The City Council unanimously approved establishing the Youth Council at its meeting on March 6, 1989.

Purpose/Function: The purpose of the Council is to give the youth an opportunity to become more aware of local government, and become involved in the community by participating in community activities a minimum of 40 hours each year.

Method of Appointment: The City Council, upon the recommendation of the Mayor, will appoint one student from each of the fourteen high schools in the system, and one student from six of the private schools, with membership open to all interested high school students.

Number of Members: Twenty appointed positions, and an unlimited number of alternate positions

Terms of Office: One year

Meeting Date and Time: Fourth Tuesday of each month - 5:30 p.m.

Chief Staff Person Title Telephone Number
Wanda Allen-Abraha Human Relations Director 336-734-1226

Current Membership - Youth Advisory Council

City Council Appointments

School Represented Name Race/Gender Term Expiration
Atkins Jania Transou BF 1 Annual
Calvary Baptist Hunter Dameworth WM 3 Annual
Calvary Baptist Anna Nichols WF 3 Annual
Career Center Valerie Zhana AF 1 Annual
Carver High School Ansel Marcis HM 1 Annual
Carver High School Mia Burneson WF 1 Annual
Forsyth Country Day Halle Kincaid WF 2 Annual
Forsyth Country Day Catherine Young WF 2 Annual
Kennedy High School Joshua Keels BM 2 Annual
Kennedy High School Samuel Gray BM 1 Annual
Middle College Avionna Burns BF 4 Annual
Middle College Giavonni Gerald B 1 Annual
Mount Tabor Jesi Hairston BF 2 Annual
North Forsyth Salimata Diallo BF 1 Annual
North Forsyth Celeste Colato HF 1 Annual
Wade Musser WM 1 Annual
Paisley Brooke Lachey WF 1 Annual
Parkland High Ashanti Lovett BF 1 Annual
Parkland High Marc Bertoni Bi-Racial M 4 Annual
Reagan High Aiden McCarthy WM 2 Annual
Salem Academy Caitlin Kinnamon W 1 Annual
Winston-Salem Prep Porsche Smith Bi-Racial F 1 Annual
Winston-Salem Prep
Jasmine Rouse BF 1 Annual

*denotes student is serving as an alternate

(IF - Indian Female)
(FM - Filipino Male)
(WFF - White Filipino Female)
(AF - Asian Female)
(WPIF - White Pacific Islander Female)
(HF - Hispanic Female)
(WAF - White Arab Female)
(LIM - Lumbee Indian Male)

Special Notes:

1* = Serving more than 50% of an unexpired term (more than two years & one month of the term has been served).

0* = Serving less than 50% of an unexpired term (less than two years of the term has been served).


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