Name of Board/Commission Transportation Advisory Committee of the Winston-Salem Urban Area Metropolitan Planning Organization Date 10/24/2018
Authority for Creation The authority for establishing the Transportation Advisory Committee is Title 23 of the United States Code (U.S.C.) 134; Sections 3 (a) (2), 4 (a), 5 (g) (1), and 5 (1) of the Federal Transit Act of 1964, as amended; 49 U.S.C. 1602 (a) (2), 1603 (a), 1604 (g) (1), and 1604 (1); and Chapter 136, Article 3A, Section 136-66.2 (a) (b) of the North Carolina General Statutes.
Purpose/Function The Winston-Salem Urban Area Transportation Advisory Committee has the responsibility for serving as a medium for open discussion and policy development for recommendations made to the general bodies of local government and the boards of the various modes of transportation and as a forum for cooperative transportation planning and decision making for the Metropolitan Planning Organization.
Method of Appointment The Mayor of Winston-Salem and two additional members are appointed by the Winston-Salem City Council; two members by the Forsyth County Board of Commissioners; one member by each of the following jurisdictions: City of King; Counties of Davidson, Davie, and Stokes; Towns of Bermuda Run, Bethania, Kernersville, Lewisville, Midway, Rural Hall, Walkertown and Wallburg; Villages of Clemmons and Tobaccoville; one member from the North Carolina Board of Transportation; and one member of the Board of Directors of the Winston-Salem Transit Authority.
Number of Members Twenty-one
Terms of Office Based on appointing authority
Meeting Date and Time Third Thursday of every other month - 4:15 p.m., or as needed.
Chief Staff Person
Toneq' McCullough
Transportation Director
Telephone Number
Current Membership - Transportation Advisory Committee
Name Race/Gender Term Expiration
City Council Appointments  
Dan Besse, Vice Chair WM N/A N/A
Allen Joines WM N/A N/A
Denise D. Adams BF N/A N/A
Robert C. Clark (Alternate) WM N/A N/A
Jeff MacIntosh (Alternate) WM N/A N/A
Forsyth County Appointments    
Fleming El-Amin BM N/A N/A
Vacant   N/A N/A
Vacant (Alternate)   N/A N/A
Davidson County Appointments    
Zachary S. Crotts WM N/A N/A
Steve Jarvis (Alternate) WM N/A N/A
Davie County Appointments    
John Ferguson WM N/A N/A
Vacant (Alternate)
Stokes County Appointments    
Jimmy Walker   N/A N/A
Vacant (Alternate)    N/A N/A 
City of King Appointments    
Vacant N/A N/A
Vacant (Alternate)   N/A N/A
Village of Clemmons Appointments    
John Wait WM N/A N/A
Mike Combest (Alternate) WM N/A N/A
Village of Tobaccoville Appointments    
Mark Baker WM N/A N/A
Myron W. Marion (Alternate) WM N/A N/A
Town of Bermuda Run Appointments    
Kenneth Rethmeier, Dr. Ph WM N/A N/A
Jerry West (Alternate) WM N/A N/A
Town of Bethania Appointments    
Brent Rockett WM N/A N/A
Vacant (Alternate)   N/A N/A
Town of Kernersville Appointments    
Jenny Fulton WF N/A N/A
Vacant (Alternate)   N/A N/A
Town of Lewisville Appointments    
Mike Horn WM N/A N/A
Vacant (Alternate)   N/A N/A
Town of Midway    
John Bynum WM N/A N/A
Jackie Edwards (Alternate) WF N/A N/A
Town of Rural Hall Appointments    
Larry Williams, Chairman WM N/A N/A
C. Thomas Griggs (Alternate)  WM N/A N/A
Town of Walkertown Appointments    
Randy Mendenhall WM N/A N/A
Vacant (Alternate)   N/A N/A
Town of Wallburg Appointments    
Allen Todd WM N/A N/A
Vacant (Alternate)   N/A N/A
NC Board of Transportation Appointment    
R. Michael Wells, Sr. WM N/A N/A
Winston-Salem Transit Authority Board of Directors      

 Regina Steed

Vacant (Alternate)

 WF  N/A N/A
Ex Officio Members      
Arnold King,
City/County Planning Board
John F. Sullivan III,
Federal Highway Administration
Scott Piper,
Smith-Reynolds Airport Commission
Margaret Bessette,
Secretary to TAC, City-County Planning Board


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