Name of Board/Commission Sister Cities Board
Date 07/12/2017
Authority for Creation The Winston-Salem Sister Cities (WSSC) Board was established by a resolution adopted by the City Council on August 18, 1997.
Purpose/Function The WSSC is charged with seeking to promote international cooperation, understanding and development through a variety of dynamic exchanges with specific cities with whom Winston-Salem maintains an active, formalized relationship.
Method of Appointment Seven members are appointed by the City Council upon the recommendation of the Mayor. The remaining fourteen members are appointed by the WSSC Board.
Number of Members Twenty-one 
Terms of Office Four years. Following the initial terms, members appointed by the City Council may not serve more than two full terms. Members appointed by the WSSC Board may not serve more than three full terms.
Meeting Date and Time Last Monday of each month at 6:00 p.m
Chief Staff Person
Steven C. Harrison
Business Development Administrator
Telephone Number
Current Membership - Sister Cities Board
Name Race/Gender Term Expiration
City Council Appointments
Kim Hutchinson BF 1 02/13
WSSCB Appointments  
G. Doug Atkinson WM 1 06/16
Szcaepan (Stephan) Baran, VMD, MS WM 1 09/17
Catia Gittard WF 1 03/16
Shaun Gittard WM 1 03/16
Sharon Glover BF 1 09/17
James Hunder BM 1 06/14
Joseph A. Molnar WM 2 03/15
Ang Nghiem  AM 1 07/14
David Van Pelt, Chairman WM 3 01/17
Edward Opoku-Dapaah BM 1 05/10
Terrin Tucker BM 1 06/14
Bernie Yevin WM 1 06/14
Lei Zhang, Ph.D AM 2 05/14
Zhenlin Zheng AM 1 08/14

(AM - Asian/Male)

Special Notes:

1* = Serving more than 50% of an unexpired term (more than two years & one month of the term has been served).

0* = Serving less than 50% of an unexpired term (less than two years of the term has been served).


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