Name of Board/Commission Planning Board (City-County) Date 03/25/2019
Authority for Creation The authority for establishing the City-County Planning Board is Chapter 677 of the 1947 Session Laws as amended. The Board was created by an ordinance jointly adopted by the City Council and the Forsyth County Board of Commissioners on February 13, 1948.
Purpose/Function The purpose of the Planning Board is to carry out planning functions for Winston-Salem and Forsyth County as required by law or as assigned by the governing boards. As an advisory board, its duties include preparing and maintaining a long range general development plan for the entire county, including such considerations as the development of land and the location of streets and roads, playgrounds and open spaces, public buildings, and utilities. It reviews and makes recommendations on major capital expenditures and zoning map changes, prepare and adopt regulations governing the subdivision of the land into streets or lots, approve plat maps showing subdivisions and to determine and fix minimum sizes of lots and establish building lines, except where building lines have already been established by City ordinance. Prepare and recommend area plans that go into more detail about smaller areas of the City and County.
Method of Appointment No more than five of the nine members may reside within the corporate limits of Winston-Salem, and all appointments are made jointly by both governing boards. The City Council upon the recommendation of the Mayor shall appoint five city residents, and the County Commissioners shall appoint four non-city residents, with the appointments becoming effective upon concurrence by the other governing board.
Number of Members Nine
Terms of Office Four years
Meeting Date and Time One Monday of each month - 8:15 a.m.; Second Thursday of each month - 4:30 p.m.; Fourth Thursday of each month – 4:30 p.m.
Chief Staff Person
Aaron King
Planning and Development Service Director
Telephone Number
Current Membership - Planning Board
Name Race/Gender Term Expiration
City Resident Appointments
George M. Bryan, Jr.  WM 1 02/23
Melynda B. Dunigan WF 1 02/22
Tommy Hicks BM 2 02/21
Chris Leak    BM 1 02/21
Johnny Sigers, Vice-Chair BM 1* 02/22
Non-City Resident Appointments    
Jack Steelman WM   02/20
Clarence R. Lambe, Jr. WM N/A 02/23
Jason Grubbs WM N/A 02/21
Brenda Joyce Smith WF N/A 02/20

Special Notes:

At its meeting on the second Thursday of each month, the Planning Board makes recommendations on changes to the zoning ordinances, both changes to the map indicating how property is zoned and changes in the regulations as written in the text of the city and county zoning ordinances, and approves land subdivisions.

The meeting on the fourth Thursday is a work session for the consideration of long range planning matters. The Monday meeting provides the opportunity for members to visit the location of property proposed for rezoning. All meetings are open to the public.

1* = Serving more than 50% of an unexpired term (more than two years & one month of the term has been served).

0* = Serving less than 50% of an unexpired term (less than two years of the term has been served).

** = Non-city residents appointments do not have term limits.


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