Boards and Commissions

Name of Board/Commission Citizens' Bond Oversight Committee Date 3/26/2019
Authority for Creation The authority for establishing the Citizens' Bond Oversight Committee was created by a resolution adopted by the Council on November 17, 2014.
Purpose/Function The purpose of the Citizens' Bond Oversight Committee shall be to ensure efficiency, equity, timeliness, and accountability in the implementation of the projects to be funded through the 2018 bond referendum.
Method of Appointment Members of the Committee shall be residents of the city and representative of the diversity present in the community. Members shall be appointed by the City Council upon the recommendation of the Mayor. At least one member of the Committee shall be a professional engineer. 
Number of Members Nine
Terms of Office Staggered. Initially, three members shall be appointed for a one-year term, three members shall be appointed for a two-year term, and three members shall be appointed for a three-year term. All subsequent appointments shall be for three-year terms.

Voting members shall serve no more than two terms. Initial appointees may serve their initial term plus one additional three-year term. Members shall hold office until their successors are appointed. Any vacancy resulting from a cause other than the expiration of a term shall be filled only for the unexpired portion of the term. Appointees to such partial terms may serve for the partial term plus one additional three-year term. Service of less than 50% of a normal term shall not be deemed a term, and service for more than 50% shall be deemed a term. Members shall serve without compensation.


Meeting Date and Time TBD - At least once every 3 months
Chief Staff Person
Ben Rowe
Assistant City Manager
Telephone Number
Current Membership - Citizens' Bond Oversight Committee
Name Race/Gender Term Expiration
City Council Appointments
Glenn Orr, Jr. WM 1 03/22
Mark Dunnagan
WM 1 03/22
Brenda Diggs
BF 1 03/22
Gayle Anderson
WF 1 03/22
Daisy Rodriguez
HF 1            03/22
Brian Heelan
WM 1 03/22
Bill Hayes BM 1            03/22
Paul Ford
BM 1 03/22
Melissa Vickers

Special Notes:

    *Initial one-year term

  **Initial two-year term

***Initial three-year term

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