Addresses and Landmarks in Winston-Salem

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5-Points Intersection
... near Thruway, at the intersections of West 1st Street, Miller Street, South Stratford Road, and Country Club Road -  show on map

Bus Station WSTA Transit Center
... 1060 North Trade Street, at 5th Street

Grace Court
... in the West End, west of downtown, between Glade Street and West 4th Street - show on map

Old Salem Coffeepot (just north of Old Salem)
... where Old Salem Road and Brookstown Avenue and South Main Street meet - one-way going north - show on map

Sara Lee Corporation
... 475 Corporate Square Drive (north on University Parkway)

Salem Lake (east of Winston-Salem)
... near Business 40/421 eastbound between Highway 158/Reidsville Road and Linville Road. Access from Reynolds Park Road to Salem Lake Road or from Linville Road - show on map

Wachovia Building
(the tall building downtown with the dome top)
... 100 North Main Street

Whitaker Park
(R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company manufacturing center)
... 1027 Reynolds Boulevard

Frequently-Searched Addresses

Bryce A. Stuart Municipal Building (city government)
... 100 East 1st Street

Black-Phillips-Smith Neighborhood Government Services Office (city government)
... 2301 North Patterson Avenue

City Hall (city government)
... 101 North Main Street

Forsyth County Government Center (county government)
... 201 North Chestnut Street

Forsyth Medical Center
... 3333 Silas Creek Parkway

The 3RC EnviroStation (for recycling/hazardous waste)
... 1401 South Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive | 3RC information

Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center
... Medical Center Boulevard, Exit Cloverdale Avenue from Business 40/421. | map on the WFUBMC web site

Winston-Salem Visitor's Center
... 200 Brookstown Avenue

Popular Spots

Lawrence Joel Veterans Memorial Coliseum
Winston-Salem entertainment-sports complex
Dixie Classic Fairgrounds
The Education Building at the Fairgrounds
Ernie Shore Field
... 2825 University Parkway, north of downtown

Historic Bethabara Park
... 2147 Bethabara Road, north of downtown - show on map

Millennium Center
... 101 West 5th Street, downtown between Trade and Main

Carmike 10 Movie Theater
... 3640 Reynolda Road, north of downtown

The Grand Movie Theater
... 5601 University Parkway, north of downtown

Wynnsong 12 Movie Theater
... 1501 Hanes Mall Boulevard, west of downtown

... 2825 University Parkway, north of downtown

Convention Center
... 301 West 5th Street, between Cherry and Marshall

Children's Museum
... 390 South Liberty Street

Dixie Classic Fairgrounds
... 421 West 27th Street, north of downtown

Old Salem
... 600 South Main Street

NC School of the Arts
... 1533 South Main Street

Stevens Center
... 405 West 4th Street

Thruway Shopping Center
... Intersections of Business 40/Knollwood Street/Stratford Road show on map

Hanes Mall
... 3320 Silas Creek Parkway, exit Hanes Mall Blvd from I-40 or exit Stratford Road South from Business 40 - show on map

SciWorks Science Center
... 400 West Hanes Mill Road

Wake Forest University
... 1834 Wake Forest Road, located between Reynolda Road and University Parkway in the Reynolda Village area, north of downtown

Winston-Salem State University
... 601 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, just south of downtown, exit Stadium Drive from Highway 52

Entrance to Salem College

RJR tower

City Bus Transit Center

Dixie Classic Fairgrounds

Stuart Building, left; City Hall, right

Old Salem Coffeepot

Salem Lake

One of the exhibit buildings at Old Salem

LJVM Coliseum

View of a downtown street

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