Stormwater Management Plan Review

Stormwater Engineer

In an effort to manage the quantity, quality, velocity and direction of resulting stormwater runoff, a proposed development (commercial or residential) may be required to submit a stormwater management plan for review and approval.  Issuance of a grading permit for the proposed development is contingent upon approval of the stormwater management plan.

Typical stormwater management plans will show BMPs (Best Management Practices) such as dry detention ponds or oversized underground piping to control downstream flooding and erosion.  Developments subject to quality, as well as quantity controls, typically use BMPs such as wet retention ponds or bio-retention areas.

The stormwater engineer makes a determination as to whether management is required on any given development.  A storm management study may be submitted by a developer in lieu of a stormwater management plan if the study can show that the proposed development will not have an adverse effect on the downstream runoff rates for the 2, 10 and 100 year events.

Any development requiring a stormwater management plan will need to submit for review to the stormwater engineer the following information:

  • Detailed and sealed set of plans
  • Design calculations
  • Review fee of $220
  • BMP operation and maintenance agreement

Once a plan is approved and the development built, the stormwater engineer carries out an annual inspection of the approved BMP.  The purpose of this inspection is to verify that the BMP is operating as designed and that no component of a BMP (piping, dam walls, spillways, ground cover, etc.) is showing signs of deterioration.  If problems exist, the stormwater engineer will notify the responsible party for operation and maintenance listed in the submitted BMP Operation and Maintenance agreement.  The responsible party will then have the problem addressed so the BMP can continue functioning as designed.

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