Stormwater Management Program

storm drain system

Stormwater flows, untreated, from city streets, parking lots and yards and directly into the closest receiving body of water. 

The Stormwater Management Program works to restore, protect, and preserve the surface waters within the City of Winston-Salem.  The Stormwater Management Program was developed in compliance with the Federal Clean Water Act, to ensure that stormwater is effectively controlled and stormwater pollution is reduced.

Stormwater Division Program Components

The above activities in addition to drainage maintenance, seasonal leaf collection, street sweeping and vector control in the storm sewer system are funded by a stormwater utility fee.

Stormwater Management Plan

The City of Winston-Salem's Stormwater Management Plan is updated and submitted to the State of North Carolina annually.  Below are the components of our plan.  We encourage citizens to read the plan and to make comments to our department.  If you wish to make a comment, please contact Roseann L'Esperance at (336) 747-6960.

SWMP Cover Page [pdf/75kb/1p]

2015 SWMP [pdf/880kb/51p]

Appendix A - NPDES Permit [pdf/305kb/39p]

Appendix A - SW Org Chart [pdf/74kp/1p] 

Appendix F - Annual Geometric Mean for FC [pdf/257kb/80p]

Appendix G - Stormwater CIPs [pdf/12kb/1p]

Residential Billing

Residential billing is determined from the amount of the property's impervious surface area according to the following rate structure.

If the impervious surface area is...
Between 1 and 2000 sq. ft. then the fee is $51 annually or $8.50 bi-monthly
Between 2001 and 4000 sq. ft. then the fee is $54 annually or $9.00 bi-monthly
Between 4001 and 6000 sq. ft. then the fee is $81 annually or $13.50 bi-monthly
More then 6000 sq. ft. then the fee is $108 annually or $18.00 bi-monthly

Nonresidential Billing

Nonresidential customers are billed monthly or bi-monthly, based on the current utility account setup.  The actual amount is determined according to the amount of impervious surface area of your property at the rate of $831 per acre of impervious surface area (ISA) per year or $69.25 monthly or $138.50 bi-monthly.

If you have questions or concerns, please call:

Stormwater Billing:       Phone: (336) 748-3221         Fax: (336) 748-3063
Drainage Maintenance: Phone: (336) 727-2776         Fax: (336) 727-8242
Water Quality:             Phone: (336) 748-3070         Fax: (336) 727-2361

For emergency drainage or water quality problems nights and weekends please call (336) 727-8000.

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