Post-Construction Ordinance Information

The stormwater post-construction ordinance is to protect, maintain and enhance the public health, safety, environment and general welfare by establishing minimum requirements and procedures to control the adverse effects of increased post-construction stormwater runoff and nonpoint and point source pollution associated with development and redevelopment.

It has been determined that proper management of construction-related and post-construction stormwater runoff can safeguard the public health, safety, and general welfare, minimize damage to public and private property and infrastructure, and protect water and aquatic resources.

Stormwater Submittal Flow Chart

Development and redevelopment alter the hydrologic response of local watersheds and increase stormwater runoff rates and volumes, flooding, soil erosion, stream channel erosion, nonpoint and point source pollution, and sediment transport and deposition, as well as reducing groundwater recharge. These changes in stormwater runoff contribute to increased quantities of water-borne pollutants and alterations in hydrology which are harmful to public health and safety as well as to the natural environment. These effects can be managed and minimized by applying proper design and well-planned controls to manage stormwater runoff from development and redevelopment sites.

Post-Construction Stormwater Ordinance 

View the Post-Construction Stormwater Control Ordinance and supporting materials (final 6/5/08) [pdf/572kb/24p]

Flow Chart of Stormwater Submittal Process [pdf/40k/1p]

Application for Stormwater Management Permit [pdf/935KB/22p]

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