Rain Barrels

rain barrellRain barrels are containers which collect and store runoff from rooftops for later use. They are also a good tool for water conservation and a way to prevent the loss of "stormwater" as runoff. Stormwater runoff can carry pollutants from our rooftops and yards into nearby streams and rivers.

Inexpensive rain barrels can be made from food grade plastic barrels or heavy-duty trash cans, often for as little as 15 dollars, or they can be purchased pre-made from commercial manufacturers and retailers.

Rain barrels can be used individually or linked in tandem to capture a greater volume of water. They can be tapped to fill a watering can or used as the central water source for water-saving drip irrigation systems.

Contact Cooperative Extension of Forsyth County, (336) 703-2850, for more information.

Rain barrel materials 

Rain barrel FAQ

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