Salem Lake Trail map

Salem Lake Trail encircles Salem Lake in Salem Lake Park. The trail is one of the most popular outings for exercise in the area, and you can see equestrians along with runners, walkers and bikers.

  • Length: 7 miles
  • Trail Surface: 8' some paved, mostly dirt path
  • Restrooms: Salem Lake Road (marina office and near playground/picnic area) and Linville Road
  • Connections: Salem Lake Road, Linville Road, Salem Creek Greenway

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Locations & Phone Numbers

Program the Salem Lake Marina number into your phone: 336-650-7677. Trail users may call or check in at the marina office to get trail information such as storm damage/cleanup, trail maintenance or water over the dam.

For Your Consideration

  • The mile markers on Salem Lake Trail go counterclockwise starting at the Point parking lot, located near the playground and picnic areas.
  • Water fountains at the Point parking lot and Linville Road operate from April to October. The marina water fountain operates year-round.
  • Closing times will vary throughout the year.

For Your Safety - Handling Trail Accidents

  • Minor accidents: Call the marina office at 336-650-7677 instead of dialing 911. Lake Staff will be more than happy to assist you. 
  • Serious accidents & emergencies: Call 911 first. Afterward, please call the marina office at 336-650-7677 to give them your location.

Salem Lake Trail Map

Salem Lake Trail map

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