Swim Lessons are Free!

Information About Swim Lessons

  • All swim lessons for the 2019 pool season are FREE!
    • Please visit the pool in person to register for lessons. Registrations will not be taken by phone.
    • Sign-up dates are on the aquatics calendar. You may call the pool at any time for more information or questions.
    • Parents can only register his/her child for lessons.
    • No lessons are offered at Winston Waterworks.
  • Lessons are taught before pools open or in the evening.
  • Each class needs a minimum of six students to register. If there are fewer than six, the pool will contact you with another location or the class may be canceled.
  • Each swimmer is given a punch card good for three visits to the pool to practice what is being taught in class. Please use it during your three-week class session.
  • Swim lessons last 35 to 45 minutes and are held four days a week for three weeks. If the weather is cool, class will still be held. If the weather is too cold, swimmers will not get into the water. The instructor will talk about water safety.
  • Refunds will not be given for canceled lessons due to bad weather. The instructor will teach 10 to 12 lessons per session, weather permitting.
  • Night swim lessons for children will be offered depending on demand. Students participating in night lessons will be admitted free of charge 10 minutes before their class while the pool is open. Parents and siblings are welcome to pay the admission and swim during the lesson as long as the pool is open.

Lesson Categories

Babes In Arms:

Children six months through age 4 can participate in the Babes In Arms Program.

Babes In Arms is a learning program for parent and child. Children learn how to enter the pool, hold their breath, put their face in the water, blow bubbles, climb out of the pool. Children are grouped by age groups: 6 to 23 months, 2-4 years- this lesson requires 1:1 ratio of parent to child

Age 5 and Up: Parent/ Child Instruction:

This class time offers parents an opportunity to teach their children to swim. These classes are supervised by a lifeguard/ swim instructor and offers parents advice on teaching skills. This lesson requires a 1:1 ratio of parent to child.

Age 6 Years and Over:

Children 6 years and over can take swim lessons. If a child turns 6 years old before Labor Day, we will accept them for swim lessons. City residents have priority for swim lessons, followed by non-city residents.

The Aquatic Program offers 3 levels of swim lessons based on American Red Cross swim instruction:

STAR FISH (LEVEL 1) Fundamental Skills: Swimmers will be taught to submerge, kick on front and back, float and alternate arms for the crawl stroke. STAR FISH will not use the deep end of the pool for any instruction introduces the fundamentals of front and back crawl, and elementary backstroke.

SWORDFISH (LEVEL 2) Stroke Readiness: Back crawl, front crawl, and elementary back stroke progress to swimming distances up to 12 yrds,  alternate breathing introduced, swimming to the bottom

SHARK (LEVEL 3) Stroke Development: Deep water swimming, long distance up to 25 yrds, breast stroke introduced.Treading in deep water introduced.Increase in distances of back and front crawl, and elementary backstroke refined

SWIM TEAM Advanced Swimming: Deep water swimming, lap swimming of strokes already learned. Learn butterfly stroke, proper diving from diving boards with tuck and pike position.

Diving Instruction & Competition

Each pool provides diving instruction. The fundamentals are taught to each swimmer, such as approach, take off, how to get height, etc. Each pool selects one female and one male diver from each age group to participate in a city dive meet against the other city-operated pools. The age groups are 8 and under, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14, and 15-17.

Swim Teams

Each pool has a swim team for children age 17 years and under, which is a continuation of swim lessons. The swimmers try to perfect the back crawl, butterfly, breast stroke, and the American crawl. Swim teams compete against the other swimming pools in the age groups of 8 and under, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14, and 15-17.

Special Classes

Special classes for the physically and mentally impaired are available. Please speak with one of the pool managers or contact Carlie Pudney, 336-727-2425 or Jessica Garrett, 336-650-7694 for more information. A lift apparatus for wheelchair participants is available at Bolton, Parkland Pools and Winston Lake Aquatic Center. A wheelchair ramp is available at the Reynolds Park Pool.

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