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Take your class on a field trip back in time!

When students visit Historic Bethabara Park, they learn what life was like for children living in Bethabara more than 250 years ago. While engaging in fun, hands-on activities, children will experience a world from long ago and understand what was necessary to make a home in the Backcountry of North Carolina.

Sign up for your journey into the past today! Historic Bethabara Park offers Lower and Upper Elementary tours (please see descriptions below). Contact Education Director Diana Overbey at 336-924-8191 or via e-mail at 

Tour fee is $1.00 per child, $2.00 per adult (teachers are free).

Tour Dates:

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Spring Tours 2018:
April 9 - June 1, 2018

Summer Tours 2018:
June 19 - August 10

Fall Tours 2018:
September 4 - November 21

School Christmas Tours 2018:
November 27 - December 12

Spring Tours for 2019
April 8 - June 7, 2019

Lower Elementary Tour
  • Suitable for grades 1-3
  • Meets NC Basic Education Plan Guidelines
  • Meets many NCSCS Curriculum Guidelines (please contact  for list of specific objectives met)
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What did children in the 18th century wear? What sort of chores did they have and how did they have fun? What did they eat, and where did their food come from? What was school like in the 1700's?

Students will take a tour through the 1788 Gemeinhaus to compare and contrast their world with that of children living 250 years ago. They will see colonial clothing, play colonial games, sing Moravian songs, do children’s chores, learn to count in German and write on old-fashioned slates. Join us on a time journey into the past, where learning about history is fun!

Teachers Guide to Lower Elementary Tour [pdf/1.8mb/12p]

Upper Elementary Tour
  • Suitable for grades 3-5
  • Meets NC Basic Education Plan Guidelines
  • Meets many NCSCS Curriculum Guidelines (please contact  for list of specific objectives met) 
kids in cellars

The Upper Elementary guided tour emphasizes the importance of community and working together to accomplish a task; concepts that helped the Moravians carve a home out of the Backcountry of North Carolina more than 250 years ago.

The tour takes place in the reconstructed 1754 colonial village at Bethabara, and involves a variety of hands-on activities such as shingling, plowing, using 18th century tools, and more!

Students will learn what skills were needed to make a home on frontier land, and how necessary teamwork was to the Moravians’ survival and success.

Join our experienced and knowledgeable guides and explore the challenges of living in the colonial frontier world.

Teachers Guide to Upper Elementary Tour [pdf/2.7mb/22p]

To help us provide a safe and enjoyable experience for our young visitors, we request the assistance of adult chaperones. We ask tour leaders to provide one chaperone for every 10 children in their group. Please advise your students to wear clothing and footwear appropriate for outdoor activities.

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If you must cancel your tour or change the number of students expected, please do so at least one week in advance so that our guides may adjust their schedules accordingly.

Please book your school tour in well in advance. Dates fill up fast!

To schedule your school tour, please contact us at: 336-924-8191 Or e-mail Diana Overbey ()
Director of Education

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