How to Apply

Keeping Winston-Salem safe is a team effort

The Winston-Salem Police Department has openings for police officers year-round. The Department fills non-sworn positions as the need arises.

The process to become a Winston-Salem Police Officer is challenging. There are a variety of steps a successful applicant must complete before he or she is invited to become a Winston-Salem Police Recruit.

To begin the process see Step One.

Step One: Candidates must pass a reading comprehension test to obtain an initial application code. The Winston-Salem Police Department Recruiting Staff administers this test regularly throughout the year at the Alexander R. Beaty Public Safety Training and Support Center. Candidates must sign up for an available testing date to begin the application process.

See the schedule of testing: Test Dates and Information

Step Two: Candidates who successfully pass the reading comprehension test will be given an access code to complete the City of Winston-Salem job application. Applications must be completed online and a deadline for completion will be assigned.

Step Three: Review of the initial application will be administered by The Winston-Salem Police Department Recruiting Staff. Secondary application packets will be electronically mailed to applicants upon review and approval of the initial city application. NOTICE: To ensure materials are submitted in a timely manner, a submission date will be set and noted in the materials you receive. If you fail to return the forms by the requested date this may lead to you being removed from the application process. Additionally there are certain documents you must provide as a part of this process. See section - Required Documents.

Step Four: Applicants complete the formal application package and submit it directly to the Winston-Salem Police Department Recruiting Unit for review. An evaluation of the formal application materials is conducted to ensure that all state and departmental standards are met and that no disqualifying factors are noted.

Step Five: Applicants selected to continue undergo Pre-Conditional Offer of Employment testing to assist the agency in determining the suitability for each applicant applying for the position of Police Officer. The tests conducted are as follows:

  • Oral Interview – Conducted by a three-member panel of ranking officers within the agency.
  • Physical Agility - Will consist of a Modified Police Officer Physical Abilities test (POPAT) and 1 mile run.
  • Suitability Screener – Written Exam

Step Six: Results from all testing and application materials are reviewed and applicants selected to continue will be placed into a Background Investigation. A thorough background investigation will be conducted.The background check assists in determining if you are suitable for employment with the agency. Areas that will be examined include, but are not limited to, your employment history, criminal history/involvements, driving history, civil history, credit, military service record, educational attainments, etc. Essentially every aspect of your life will be examined as a part of this process. Our goal is to employ the highest qualified individuals who will proudly say they are part of the WSPD Team.

Step Seven: Conditional Offers of Employment are extended to those applicants who have successfully passed all preliminary testing and been recommended through background investigation.

Step Eight: If recommended for hire, a “Conditional Offer of Employment” will be extended. At that time you will be scheduled for Post-Conditional Offer of Employment testing. The tests to be conducted are as follows:

  • Drug Screening
  • Medical Examination
  • Polygraph Examination
  • Psychological Interview

Step Nine: Upon review by the Chief of Police, “Final Offers of Employment” will be extended to a select few who will join the ranks of the Winston-Salem Police Department.

Notice: It should be noted that all decisions regarding hire are made by the Chief of Police. Additionally you should be aware that the application process is a multi-step process and applicants may be discontinued at any stage. It is imperative that you, the applicant, submit materials in a timely manner, report for scheduled test dates, and stay in contact with the recruiting staff. If additional time is needed to submit application materials or you are unable to make your scheduled test dates, please contact the recruiting staff. We will be happy to assist you in any manner possible, however if you do not contact our office we will consider your application as being withdrawn (lack of interest).

Please contact a member of the Recruitment Staff if you have questions.

The Winston-Salem Police Department is an equal opportunity employer

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