The Forsyth County Historic Resources Commission may designate signs as historic. Historic Sign designation exempts a sign from meeting certain zoning requirements and prohibits changes to the sign without HRC staff approval. For a sign to be designated as "Historic," the HRC must find that a sign closely resembles its original appearance, is at least 25 years old, and meets at least three of eight specific criteria listed below.

  1. The sign bears a national or local emblem, logo, or other graphic that is unique to the property or the establishment, or that it is a remnant of an advertising program that is no longer used by the parent company;
  2. The sign is significant as reflecting the history of the building, structure, object, property or the development of the area, or recognized as important to the culture or history of Winston-Salem and Forsyth County;
  3. The sign possesses unique characteristic or incorporates materials, design, or craftsmanship not commonly found in newer signs;
  4. The sign is unique, notably aesthetic or creative, so as to make a significant contribution as a work of art;
  5. The sign is recognized as a popular focal point within the community;
  6. The sign is associated with historical individuals, events or places;
  7. The sign is characteristic of a specific historic period; or
  8. The sign exhibits unique or rare characteristics that enhance the streetscape or the community at large.

The HRC hears Historic Sign Designation Applications at its regular monthly meetings, on the first Wednesday of the month at 4:00 p.m. in the Public Meeting Room, Bryce A. Stuart Municipal Building, 100 E. First Street, Winston-Salem. 

Links to Historic Sign Applications, Staff Reports, and Designation actions are below. 

Summary table of HRC Historic Sign Applications, Staff Reports, and Designation actions 2018 - present [pdf/90.3kb/1p]

Revised 4/22/2019

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