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Southwest Suburban Area Plan Update [pdf/9.74mb/76p]

The Southwest Suburban Area Plan Update was adopted by the Forsyth County Board of Commissioners, Winston-Salem City Council, and City-County Planning Board in 2015. The plan includes recommendations on topics such as land use, transportation, community facilities, historic and environmental preservation, economic development, and rural character.

Planning Area Boundary

Southwest Suburban Area Plan Boundary

The Southwest Suburban Planning Area [pdf/890kb/1p] encompasses 13,292 acres of land and is bounded on the north by Business 40 and Silas Creek Parkway, on the east by Ebert Road, on the south by the Davidson County line, and on the west by Muddy Creek. Approximately 60 percent of the area is in Winston-Salem; the remainder is in unincorporated Forsyth County.

Plan Recommendation Highlights

The following recommendations are among those included in the Southwest Suburban Area Plan, beginning on page 19:

  • Large-lot residential development is recommended for the majority of the sites in the southern portion of the planning area, generally south of West Clemmonsville Road. This area is best suited for large-lot, low-density residential development and farmland/open space preservation though much of the area is zoned Residential Single-Family 9 (RS-9).
  • Low-density attached residential development is recommended for approximately 50 acres along the west side of Ebert Road from Evans Road to the West Clemmonsville Road/Ebert Road Activity Center; along the frontage of the west side of South Stratford Road between the Hillcrest/Somerset Drive Activity Center and Lockwood Drive; and for designated locations along both sides of Griffith Road between Burke Mill Road and Snead Road.
  • Intermediate-density residential development, with a density of eight to eighteen (8 – 18) dwelling units per acre, is recommended: for the southwest corner of Silas Creek Parkway and Ebert Road; and for an area located on the south side of Kester Mill Road east of Silas Creek.
  • High-density multifamily residential development is recommended for the South Stratford Road Activity Center; for the Hanes Mall Boulevard Activity Center; for the west side of South Stratford Road north of Burke Mill Road; and for the west side of Griffith Road south of Burke Mill Road.
  • Small-scale office development is recommended along the west side of South Stratford Road between Summerlin Street and the Hillcrest/Somerset Drive Activity Center; and for residences and vacant parcels in the Vest Mill Road area. 
  • Office/low-intensity commercial development is recommended for an area south of West Clemmonsville Road and east of Hope Church Road.
  • Industrial uses are recommended along the south side of West Clemmonsville Road between South Stratford Road and Ebert Road. 
  • Upcoming transportation projects include the extension of Idols Road from its intersection with Hampton Road to South Stratford Road (US 158).
  • South Stratford Road has been designated as a growth corridor through the plan area.

Contact Information

Steve Smotherman, Project Planner

, Project Planner • (336) 747-7066 

Revised 1/28/2016

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