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Southwest Winston-Salem Area Plan [pdf/11mb/76p]

The Southwest Winston-Salem Area Plan Update was adopted by the Winston-Salem City Council on August 1, 2016. The City-County Planning Board recommended approval of the plan on May 12, 2016. The plan will guide future area land use and public investment decisions including recommendations for transportation, community facilities, housing and community development, design and appearance, historic preservation, and economic development.

Planning Area Boundary

Southwest Winston-Salem Area Plan Boundary

The Southwest Winston-Salem Planning Area [pdf/1.69mb/1p] encompasses 2,278 acres and is generally bounded on the north by Business 40, on the east by Peters Creek Parkway, and on the south and west by Silas Creek Parkway.

The Peters Creek Parkway Corridor Plan Area is also contained within the Southwest Winston-Salem Area, and this plan contains additional recommendations for properties within this area. The corridor plan is available here.

Plan Recommendation Highlights

The following recommendations are among those included in the Southwest Winston-Salem Area Plan, beginning on page 19:

  • Develop the West Salem Activity Center along Peters Creek Parkway south of Academy Street with a mixture of uses that includes residential, commercial, and office in a well-designed development that connects streets, transit, and pedestrian facilities.
  • Redevelop the Thruway Shopping Center as well as the area between South Stratford Road and the railroad tracks with a mixture of residential, office, retail, institutional and open space uses. Use the sloping topography to accommodate parking structures if the additional development makes more parking necessary.
  • If the Ardmore Terrace/Cloverdale Apartments complexes are redeveloped, consider designing some units for senior living at affordable rents or prices. Also consider reserving some of the new units for workforce housing at affordable rents or prices. It may be worth exploring the inclusion of neighborhood-serving commercial or office uses in such a development to help offset the cost of including affordable units in the development.
  • Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center and the City should work together to create a pleasing, pedestrian-friendly streetscape along Cloverdale Avenue east of Miller Street as the area is redeveloped. Street trees, on-street parking where appropriate, wide sidewalks, and attractive lighting fixtures should be included here.
  • Redevelop the Hanestown area with a mixture of office and multifamily residential uses. Redevelopment should be completed in an orderly manner that protects areas of the neighborhood that choose not to redevelop. Properties adjacent to Hanestown Park are recommended for moderate-density multifamily.
  • Implement the recommendations of the Peters Creek Corridor Study.
  • Construct new greenways in accordance with the plan recommendations.
  • Implement proposals for sidewalks on identified roads.
  • Implement proposals for road improvements to accommodate bicycles.
  • Complete the Miller Park improvements listed in the 2014 bond package, including installation of benches; new/replacement picnic shelters; utility improvements; correction of drainage, erosion, and flooding problems; path improvements; and bridge replacements.
  • Encourage developers to build affordable housing for different income levels in the plan area.

Contact Information

Kelly Bennett, Project Planner

, Project Planner • (336) 747-7062

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