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South Central Winston-Salem Area Plan Update [pdf/31.1mb/86p]

City Council adopted the South Central Winston-Salem Area Plan Update in October 2014. The City-County Planning Board recommended approval of the plan in August 2014. The plan contains recommendations on topics such as land use, transportation, community facilities, and historic preservation.

Planning Area Boundary

South Central Winston-Salem Area Plan Boundary

The South Central Winston-Salem Planning Area [pdf/634kb/1p] encompasses approximately 2,400 acres located within the limits of the City of Winston-Salem.

The Peters Creek Parkway Corridor Plan Area is also contained within the South Central Winston-Salem Area, and this plan contains additional recommendations for properties within this area. The corridor plan is available here.

Plan Recommendation Highlights

The following recommendations are among those included in the South Central Winston-Salem Area Plan Update, beginning on page 27:

  • Low-density attached residential development is recommended for the following Residential Opportunity Areas: Franklin, Bank, and Gregory Streets; Montgomery Street east of West Salem Shopping Center; and College Park.
  • Office and commercial uses are recommended to be consolidated at existing office/commercial locations and in designated activity centers.
  • Support the redevelopment/rehabilitation of older and underutilized commercial and industrial sites.
  • Facilitate the development of the Parkway; West Salem; Fourth/Burke; Brookstown/Marshall; Southeast Gateway; Washington Park; and West End Activity Centers.
  • Facilitate mixed-use development in the area north of the BB&T Ballpark; Wake Forest Innovation Quarter; Crater G. Woodson School site; and in designated activity centers.
  • Allow institutions to grow and expand to meet their needs in a manner compatible with their surrounding neighborhoods.
  • Follow the recommended Special Land Use Conditions for identified sites.
  • Implement the recommendations of the Peters Creek Corridor Study.
  • Implement the proposed urban character for the Peters Creek Growth Corridor.
  • Support the potential streetcar/urban circulator proposed for the northern portion of the planning area.
  • Construct new greenways in accordance with the plan recommendations.
  • Implement proposals for road improvements to accommodate bicycles.
  • Encourage studies on the unique mid-twentieth century architecture that exists in the planning area.

Contact Information

Marco Andrade, Project PlannerKelly Bennett, Planner

, Project Planner • (336) 747-7057

, Planner • (336) 747-7062

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