Area plans are documents prepared by the City-County Planning Board staff that analyze the existing characteristics, trends, problems and opportunities of specific areas of the city and county. These can be the larger areas defined for the Legacy Update Series of area plans, or more targeted areas based on road corridors or interchanges on the proposed Northern Beltway.

With the assistance of local citizens, recommendations for future land use, zoning changes, and transportation and public facility improvements are formulated. While area plans do not change zoning in the area, they do serve as guides for the Planning Board and elected officials to use when making zoning and other planning decisions.

Upon adoption, each area plan becomes part of the comprehensive plan. While the area plan program seeks extensive involvement on the part of residents, property owners, and investors, the Planning Board has the responsibility to assure that each plan is consistent with the broad public interest and other elements of Legacy 2030. For more information on the area plan process, please see the links below to area plan information handouts.

The Legacy Update Series of area plans were implemented between 2012-2018 and cover all of Forsyth County, with the exception of three Rural Policy Areas.  

Below is an interactive map that shows the status of the Update series area plans in Forsyth County. You may click on an area to obtain the name of the plan, its status, adoption year and link to the adopted plan, or you may enter an address in Forsyth County to zoom into a plan area to obtain the same information.

You may also view a full-page, interactive version of the map directly in the ArcGIS Online viewer or print a page-size countywide Area Plan Status Map [pdf/481kb/1p]. 

Adopted Area Plans 

Area Plan Status Report January 2019 [pdf /10.9mb/68p]

In addition to guiding community decisions related to development and land use, area plans are intended to assist the Winston-Salem City Council, the Forsyth County Commissioners, and small town councils in identifying future community initiatives, programs, and capital improvement needs. The Area Plan Implementation Status Report is completed every two years to monitor the status of recommendations made in these plans. This report should be used as a tool to guide work program development and capital improvement decisions for City and County departments. The report also provides a comprehensive resource on the status of plan recommendations for interested citizens.

Area Plans in Central Winston-Salem

Area Plan Name Adoption Date
Downtown Plan [pdf/4.8 mb/58p] April 1, 2013 
East/Northeast Area Plan Update [pdf/15mb/82p] November 2, 2015
North Central Area Plan Update [pdf/22.5 mb/66p] April 6, 2015
Northwest Area Plan [pdf/12.4mb/64p] May 1, 2017
South Central Area Plan Update [pdf/32mb/86p] October 6, 2014 
Southeast Area Plan Update [pdf/39mb/62p] September 3, 2013
Southwest Area Plan Update [pdf/11.1mb/76p] August 1, 2016 

Area Plans in Suburban Winston-Salem, Forsyth County, and Towns  

Area Plan Name  Adoption Date 
North Suburban Area Plan  [pdf/47mb/66p] March 13, 2014 
Northeast Suburban Area Plan Update [pdf/12.4mb/74p]  December 14, 2017
Rural Hall Area Plan Update [pdf/10.6mb/74p] August 8, 2016 
South Suburban Area Plan Update [pdf/24.1mb/78p]  November 30, 2017
Southeast Forsyth County Area Plan Update [pdf/45.6mb/70p]  October 7, 2013  
Southeast Suburban Area Plan [pdf/18mb/74p] May 9. 2016
Southwest Suburban Area Plan Update [pdf/9.74mb/76p]  August 31, 2015  
Tobaccoville Area Plan Update [pdf/7.0mb/60p] March 25, 2013
Walkertown Area Plan Update [pdf/57.56mb/60p] June 9, 2014
West Suburban Area Plan [pdf/13.8mb/80p] August 2, 2018               

Older area plans, published prior to the adoption of the 2001 Legacy Plan are available at the office of the City-County Planning Board for viewing in the office.

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