WSTV Digital Media Programming

Winston-Salem City Council Meetings
Watch your city government at work. Winston-Salem City Council Meetings air live on the first and third Monday of every month. Rebroadcast is on the following Tuesday morning at 9 a.m. and Wednesday evening at 9 p.m.

Winston-Salem Committee Meetings
Watch your city government at work!  Committee Meetings air live on the second Monday and Tuesday of each month.  Watch the Finance & Public Safety Committees on Monday beginning at 4:30 p.m.  On Tuesday, watch the General Government & Public Works Committees beginning at 4:30 p.m.  All committee meetings are rebroadcast on Thursday, Friday & Saturday of the same week.

City/County Planning Board
The City-County Planning Board meetings are the second Thursday of each month and are broadcast live. They are rebroadcast on the second Friday and second Sunday of the month. See the What's On page for times.

County Commissioners
The County Commissioners meeting is broadcast live on the second and fourth Mondays of each month. These meetings are rebroadcast during the month, see the What's On page for times.

Special Programs
WSTV, The Government Channel has won numerous awards for its special programming. Over the years we have produced many documentaries showcasing the Twin City. Currently, the TV staff is working on a documentary for the City's Centennial celebration in May 2013.

Spotlight on Winston-Salem
Ribbon cuttings to police graduations, WSTV Digital Media spotlights all of these special events that happen within Winston-Salem and Forsyth County.

East Ward Update
A new quarterly television program in which East Ward Council Member Derwin Montgomery highlights events and issues of interest to citizens in the East Ward,

Tu Comunidad
This show connects the Spanish speaking citizens of Winston-Salem / Forsyth County with government services. Spanish speaking citizens will get a better understanding of how and when to use city and some county services in their everyday living.

Tu Comunidad es un programa de acercamiento con la comunidad del Departmento de Relaciones Humanas de la Ciudad de Winston-Salem.

The City of Winston-Salem Human Relations Department focuses on race relations, equal rights, and legal rights of citizens.  All Nexus programs feature community partners. See the What's On page for times.

FIT ( Feeling In Tune)
Feeling In Tune is a special exercise program designed to help seniors in Winston-Salem, Forsyth County stay healthy. FIT is hosted by Anne Haynes of the Recreation and Parks Department.

Government News and Information
Gives daily information about jobs, government meetings, upcoming events, and news.

Biography of America
This series brings history to life through first-person narratives through a rich array of archival photos, documents, and footage.  Prominent historians tell America's story as something that must be explored, debated, and viewed from a variety of perspectives in order to be fully understood.

Pentagon Channel
From the offices in the Pentagon to the Soldiers in the field, The Pentgon Channel has a variety of television shows that air throughout the week on WSTV!

Your Community
This show connects citizens of Winston-Salem / Forsyth County with government services and gives them a better understanding of how and when to use city and some county services in their everyday living.

Classic Arts Showcase 
Classic Arts Showcase is a free cable television program designed to bring the classic arts experience to the largest audience possible by providing video clips of the arts in hopes that we may tempt you, the viewer, to go out and feast from the buffet of arts available in your community.

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