Winston-Salem Fire and Rescue Historical Society

Preservation, Commemoration, Education

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The Winston-Salem Fire and Rescue Historical Society was formed in 2006 by a group of Firefighters and Officers within the department. We have just began but we have worked hard to get a grasp on over 200 years of fire service history in Winston-Salem.

Our group works diligently to  preserve items of historical significance to the department. In short time we have found a number of items stored away in closets and desks. We care for these items and properly store them for future generations of firefighters and citizens. 

Chief Nissanledger page

This picture is of Chief Nissen who was killed in the line of duty on November 28, 1932. This picture and the insert from a log book are just a few of the items that the Society has preserved.

We honor the men and women of the department for their service and accomplishments.

Only part of the story can be told with pictures; a great deal is held with those who have served. We accomplish this through a variety of projects and by interviewing retiring and retired firefighters.

We visit with the families of firefighters who have passed away. We offer our assistance preserving the memories of their loved ones. We also hope that they will share stories for us to pass on to future generations.

"Gone but not forgotten"

On January 31, 1784, a fire broke out in the Salem Tavern, reducing it to ashes. The town leaders decided that if something wasn't done, fire would poses a great danger to lives of citizens.

The town of Salem formed a Fire Company and began to educate the citizens on how to prevent fires. After the actions of these early pioneers, the town of Salem never suffered another major fire loss.

We not only educate the public about the history of the department — we educate about them about the dangers of fire.

If you can help us in any way with collecting historical information, please feel free to contact us at:

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