The city's Risk Management division is responsible for the assessment and control of claims, insurance and self-insurance programs and policies/procedures related to employee and workplace safety. The Risk Management Division consists of three programs:

Claim Forms

Visit the Staff Page to learn how to contact our Risk Management staff members.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How do I file a claim against the City for property damage or physical injury?

Answer: You may file a claim against the City by first clicking on the link for either the Auto Liability Claim Form (for automobile accidents), the Sewer Claim Form (for sewer backup claims), and General Liability Claim Form (all other claims). You will need to complete the applicable form and follow the instructions on the form for reporting your claim to the Risk Management office. Please include any additional relevant information when filing the form, such as receipts, police reports, and photographs. These forms help us to gather all relevant information related to your claim in a quick and convenient manner.

Question: What happens after I file a claim?

Answer: The City's Claims Adjuster will review the information you provided and will request any supporting documentation. After the Claims Adjuster has reviewed all relevant claim information, he or she will contact you via email or phone to discuss your case. The City must have been negligent in causing the damages or physical injuries to pay a claim.

Question: Is the City responsible for vehicle damage resulting from potholes, manholes, or other road hazards?

Answer: Typically, no. If the City didn't have prior knowledge of the pothole, or any other hazard existing in the roadway, and that hazard causes damage to an individual's vehicle, the City is usually not considered negligent and is not responsible for paying the claim. This type of damage may be covered under the collision coverage on your personal automobile insurance policy.

Question: Does the City usually pay for sewer backups?

The City and Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Utilities Commission will only pay for damages related to a sewer back-up claim if the City is determined to have been negligent in causing the damages, or if the damages meet the criteria for payment under the Good Neighbor Policy. You can find a copy of the Good Neighbor Policy in the link above.  

Question: What do I do if I observe a City employee behaving unsafely?

Answer: Risk Management is committed to the safety of all City employees and citizens. If you see a City employee behaving or driving unsafely, please call 311 to report them. We will investigate the situation and take necessary action.

Employee Safety

Workers' Compensation

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