Engineering Staff Directory

Raymond Catron, Sr. Engineering Technician, 336-747-6853,

Anne Craft, Administrative Secretary, 336-747-6829,

Bill Curlings, Construction Inspector, 336-727-8162,

Micah Dishman, Survey Party Chief, 336-727-8230,

Al Gaskill, Civil Engineer, 336-747-6846,

Patty Haffner, Sr. Engineering Technician, 336-747-6826,

Steven Harper, Construction Inspector, 336-727-8171,

Heather Herrin, Project Planner, 336-747-6827,

Charles Hendrick, Eng. Financial Manager, 336-747-6850

Ronnie Holbrook, Construction Inspector, 336-727-8111,

Andrea Keyser, Eng. Design Manager, 336-747-6825,

Tiffany Ladd, Engineering Technician, 336-747-6854,

Deana Lindley, Sr. Engineering Technician, 336-747-6855,

Marck Medder, Survey Party Chief, 336-727-8235,

James Mitchell, Building Construction Specialist, 336-727-8067,

Jamie Nelson, Construction Inspector, 336-727-8107,

Ryan Newcomb, Eng. Field Manager, 336-727-8063,

Dakota Pahel-Short, Sr. Engineering Technician, 336-747-6835,

Robert Prestwood, City Engineer, 336-747-6985,

David Ridings, Survey Technician, 336-727-8230,

David Ross, Construction Inspector, 336-727-2985,

Erick Smith, Construction Inspector Supervisor, 336-727-2362,

Dustin Stephens, Civil Engineering Coordinator, 336-747-6851,

Jimmy Stewart,Survey Party Chief, 336-727-8229,

Dennis Summers, Construction Inspector, 336-727-8121,

Alan Temple, Sr. Civil Engineer, 336-747-6844,

Toby Tilley, Construction Inspector, 336-727-8168,

Richard Viola, Construction Inspector, 336-727-8166,

Chris Wall, City Surveyor, 336-727-8187,

Robert Wall, Construction Inspector, 336-727-8105,

Sandra K. Walls, Engineering Technician, 336-747-6852,

Ashley Webb, Sr. Civil Engineer, 336-747-6841,

Harold Wright, Survey Worker, 336-727-8228,

Eugene Wooten, Survey Party Chief, 336-727-8227,

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