Review Committee

This committee is now defunct

A Citizens Baseball Stadium Review Committee is being created to review the payments made, track progress, monitor provider participation, and monitor operations.

Citizens are invited to apply to be a member of this committee; please read the information provided here to determine eligibility.

Review Committee meeting minutes

The Resolution for Citizens Baseball Stadium Review Committee, July 8, 2009 [pdf/541kb/6p] 


The Committee shall be composed of eleven (11) voting members, who shall be residents of the City. These members shall represent a cross-section of the City. Efforts should be made to appoint members with experience in the following fields:

  1. Institutional or commercial construction;
  2. Engineering/Architecture; (3) Financial Management;
  3. Banking;
  4. Sports Management; and
  5. Marketing/Promotions.

There shall be at least three general members who represent the citizenry at large. The City Council shall appoint all members of the Committee upon recommendation of the Mayor.

No Committee member shall have a private, personal, or monetary interest, either direct or indirect, in connection with the Baseball Stadium, or any financial venture associated therewith. The following is a non-comprehensive list of individuals with prohibited interests: any developer, contractor, employee, or other person associated with the Project, and any business partner, affiliate, assign, successor-in-interest, heir, or relative thereof. The term “relative” shall include a spouse, lineal descendant, lineal ascendant, sibling, spouse's lineal descendant, spouse's lineal ascendant, spouse's sibling, and the spouse of any of these individuals. In addition, no Committee member may be employed by, transact business with, or have a fiduciary or familial relationship with any member of the City Council, the Mayor or any City officer. Committee members shall abide by the City’s ethics policy. If it is determined that a Committee member has a prohibited interest or relationship, or has failed to abide by the City’s ethics policy, said member shall be removed from the Committee by the City Council.

The current Chairs of the Finance and the Public Works Committees of the City Council shall be ex-officio non-voting members of the Citizens’ Oversight Committee.

Ethics Policy for City of Winston-Salem amended 5/19/2014 [pdf/kb/8p]   

Baseball Stadium Payment Review Process flow chart [pdf/179kb/1p]  

Committee Minutes

September 3, 2009 [pdf/19kb/2p]   

August 24-25, 2009 [pdf/27kb/4p]  

August 20, 2009 [pdf/21kb/3p]  

August 8, 2009, initial orientation meeting [pdf/18.5kb/3p] 


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