Baseball Stadium Documents - Earlier

The following documents relate to the economic development assistance to Brookstown Development Partners, LLC, Sports Menagerie, LLC and Sports Menagerie Corporation. The original agreement approved by City Council provided $12 million to assist with the baseball stadium project. The new request is for $15.7 million additional monies of city participation.

Citizens' Baseball Stadium Review Committee

Review Committee meeting minutes 

Questions and answers page 

September 8, 2009: City financing

Resolution clarifying terms for aquisition of property and for financing the sale of certain city-owned land [pdf/474kb/2p]

Action Request Form to adopt resolution clarifying terms [pdf/264kb/1p].

Structure for additional funding [pdf/281kb/3p].

City Financing Terms and Conditions [pdf/266kb/2p].

August 25, 2009: Approval of payment for stadium construction

Resolution to approve payment of baseball stadium construction [pdf/15kb/3p]

July 20, 2009: Approval of the additional Brookstown Development Items

Additional Brookstown Development Items [pdf/208kb/6p].

July 6, 2009: Approval of the additional Brookstown Development Items

Additional Brookstown Development Items [pdf/1.25mb/16p].

July 16, 2009: Parking Needs Assessment

Parking Needs Assessment document [pdf/1.5mb/9p].

June 17, 2009: Approval of the Brookstown Development Project.

    Brookstown Development Project additional conditions [pdf/ 18kb/3p]

    BrookstownDevelopment-Exhibit A090615 [pdf/24kb/3p]

June 15, 2009: The City Council considers a new request for an additional $15.7 million for the project.

    Pending Council Action [pdf/361kb/13p]

    Presentation of project background [pdf/1.4mb/29p]

Project Construction Budget Information

    Summary memo [pdf/15kb/2p].

    Baseball project budget summary [pdf/188kb/1p]

    Baseball budget report [pdf/533kb/2p]

    Sources and uses  [pdf/405kb/1p]

    Baseball year one capital [pdf/288kb/1p].

    Baseball year one operations capital [pdf/180kb/1p]

    Baseball vertical construction change orders [pdf/792/2p]

    Baseball change order site conditions [pdf/792kb/2p]

    Baseball change order request log [pdf/235kb/1p]

    Baseball open change order request log 2 [pdf/1.17mb/3p]

Original Baseball Agreement

    Final with modified conditions and exhibits 11-20-07 [pdf/ 291kb/16p]

    Final item-Brookstown Development Project [pdf/700kb/23p]

    Final revised economic development approval 08-06-07 [pdf/730/21p]

    Brookstown Relocation Assistance [pdf/30kb/2p]

    NCDOT Pass-through funds [pdf/392kb/2p]

    Sale of park land [pdf/213kb/5p]

    Road Closure Petition [pdf/27kb/5p]

    Request for State Funds [pdf/605kb/3p]

    Incentives Agreement-executed [pdf/153/14p]

    Deed of Trust 2626 [pdf/222kb/16p]

    Deed of Trust_3935 [pdf/177kb/7p]

    Deed of Trust_1146 [pdf/582kb/20p]

    Deed of Trust_4272 [pdf/148kb/6p]

Site plan documents

    Site plan drawing [pdf/499kb/1p].

    Staff report for the rezoning [pdf/839kf/10p].

    Conditions of approval [119kb/3p]

Payments made to Sports Menagerie Corporation based upon City Council's commitment to invest $12.0 million in Phase 1

    Payment Summary to Sports Menagerie [pdf/214kb/1p]

    11-27-07 payment [pdf/469kb/2p]

    01-08-08 payment [pdf/305kb/4p]

    01-28-08 payment [pdf/161kb/4p]

    03-08-08 payment [pdf/196kb/4p]

    04-07-08 payment [pdf/158kb/4p]

    05-02-08 payment [pdf/157kb/4p]

    06-06-08 payment [pdf/202kb/4p]

    07-14-08 payment [pdf/141kb/4p]


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